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Paule Josephe


We offer various options to buy a garment from our collection.

Physical connection

We organise and curate a physical Paule Josephe Store several times a year:
this is a moment during which you are able to connect with our clothes and concept. We
always love to see how our creations are passed on to you, getting ready for a new life.

We try to organise these stores over multiple days and in different Belgian cities.

Past Stores
IX. Dec 2021 / Shelter, Ghent
VIII. Sep 2021 / Wilder, Antwerp
VII. July 2021 / ENCORE, Brussels
VI. May 2021 / Shelter, Ghent
V. March 2021 / ENCORE, Brussels
IV. December 2020 / Shelter, Ghent

III. August 2020 / Pleasure Island, Ostend
II. July 2020 / Agnes & Maurice, Ghent

If you are unable to visit our next store, we can always arrange a visit to
our showroom near Brussels. We are open to appointments every Wednesday
afternoon, and will give you the time to explore the collection and try on what you like.

Exact location and availabilities upon request: info@paulejosephe.com

Virtual selection

To choose from our collection online, please visit this page, where you will find images, 
embroidery details and availabilities of each item.

Once you have made your choice, you can get in touch with us via email or
Instagram, and either pick up your garment(s) in the centre of Ghent or have
them sent to you by post (at extra cost).

We will do our utmost to make your online shopping as enjoyable and
comfortable as possible, and remain available for all questions and requests
to help you make a good choice. We do understand the difficulties that come
with buying online, so please note that it is possible to exchange when

Pick-up location Shelter / Hoogpoort 9, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
Worldwide Shipping available


Our clothes are meant to be worn whenever (hopefully forever) and wherever.
In general, creation takes time and does not necessarily move along to
a repetitive cycle, which is why we choose not to work with seasons or sales.

For all further info, collaborations and wholesale inquiries,
contact info@paulejosephe.com


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