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Paule Josephe


Paule Josephe is the clothing brand founded by Hannah Vanspauwen.
A common love for movements, aesthetics and stories drives us towards finding
new ways of producing, communicating and consuming.

In every aspect of our work, we value sincerity and try to reconnect clothing with its reality and (y)our daily life. At the same time, a lot of our inspiration emerges from the magic of this life on earth, of the growing of small seeds into trees, the mountains, wild animals.

We feel connected to the countryside we’re working from and get inspired by the colours and textures surrounding us on a daily basis. These shimmer through our working process, illustrations, and choice of materials. Every garment is unique and hand-made in our atelier nearby Brussels, Belgium.

Cycles & materials

PJ’s upcycling design atelier was born out of experiments with embroidery samples, fabric manipulation and second-hand men’s shirts.

We only work with dead stock, leftover, and second-hand fabric. We carefully select and/or deconstruct quality materials we want to design a new garment with. Because of the changing availability, there is only one piece and one size of each garment. All noticeable irregularities are part of this working manner. Inevitably, some designs and embroideries require more time and effort, which is why prices may vary.

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Words by Geraldine Vanspauwen

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